Feature Request: Amps, cabs and captures in stereo (for stereo pre-effects)

I was testing the QC in a store today (still waiting for mine to arrive) and I noticed that when I put stereo effects (eg. ping-pong delay) before an amp (as I like to do), it gets summed to mono. I was trying to look for a way to switch the amp and cab to stereo, but it seems there isn’t one.
To build that kind of a patch, I had to split the signal after the delay and use two amp modules on different rows. But this makes adjusting amp & cab settings a hassle, as you have to do everything twice if you just want an even stereo sound.
So it would be better to have a stereo option on the amp, cab, and capture modules, so that any stereo effects before them would also come out as stereo.
And I don’t mean making them true stereo, just an option to use the same processing for both channels to pass the stereo image through.

Also I forgot to mention: Compressors and probably other dynamic processors as well. I was pretty surprised to find that even the SSL Bus Compressor emulation doesn’t support stereo! These would of course benefit from true stereo operation and not simply dual mono, though.
I didn’t think to check the EQs, but those should support stereo too, if they do not already. And why not overdrives and distortions too, for ultimate flexibility in sound design?

Another way to implement some of this would be to offer a way to link the settings of two or more blocks of the same device. So you could have the same amp/drive/whathaveyou on different rows on the grid and adjust both of them at the same time. This would still be too much hassle just to achieve simple stereo operation, but could be useful for some more complicated setups.