Stereo capture

I’ve read somewhere but I wasn’t able to find again that in the future QC will be able to capture two mics at the same time.
So, if this feature has been already posted please ignore this request, otherwise vote it… it will be a killer feature for a “cab in the room emulation” or to get a some stereo early reflection for the cab emulation!

I like your idea! While you CAN capture two mics at the same time (might require a mixer), it wouldn’t be stereo with the current capabilities.

In the mean time, have you tried the Ambience reverb? It’s great for just that little bit of “amp across the room” feel/sound. Just dial back the mix a little from default.

It’s all fun and games til your stuff doesn’t sum to mono.

A few years back, a company asked me to beta test some stereo IRs that had some awesome space. However, they sounded terrible when summed to mono because of comb filtering. The IRs were never released. Before anyone asks, I deleted them so I can’t share. :wink:

I’d like not so much stereo, but dual mono. So I can do a SM57 into input 1 and a feed from a DI between the amp and cab to get the amp-only capture. Then save them both with the relevant tag.

Or do a 57 into input 1 and a 421 into input 2 at the same time.

Well… we could have both options… stereo, dual mono, two channel… whatever we want to call… just with a pan of the two input inside the capture block… meaning that also the capture block should be stereo.
I’ve just made some captures of my aamp few days ago in a professional studio with some cab mics and some mics far away in the room, all mixed on the deskboard before feeding the quad cortex input. The result was very very good… so it should be absolutely fantastic and a real improvement if the capture could keep also the stereo position…

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