Quad Cortex capturing itself

Imagine making a preset. Something like a Plexi pushed with a Klon and bit of EQ. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be auto-captured and turned into a single bloc?

That would be nice! Especially when messing around with captures, as they are very heavy on the cpu.

I like having captures of single devices to be able to combine them as I want but that is quite limited due to the load on the cpu. Being able to set up the sound I want and then “freezing” that sound to a single capture would be extremely helpful.


Backed! Would be hugely helpful imo

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Definitely would be nice. A capture eats less DSP than an amp w/cab and some pedals… My vote!

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Just saw that there already was a topic on that. I leave my post here, as it has another point why this would be a great idea:

It would be great if there would be a feature to sum multiple blocks into one capture as you could already do with a second QC. This would save dsp, blocks on the grid and drastically reduce the time to capture all channels of an amp including boosts by OD pedals and different speakers etc.

Example: I captured my Suhr Hedgehog. This amp has 2 channels in the preamp with adjustable bright and mid boost and 3 modes in the poweramp. To capture every combination, I would need in total 30 captures. With the self capture feature I would need 8 captures and could combine everything else within the unit, drastically reducing time.

I had an idea similar to this, which was to create a SNAPSHOT of a group of blocks. Your idea combines the blocks into a new capture, which would free up GPU and space on the rows. Brilliant!