Dual mic capture

Capturing with inputs 1 and 2 and thus making dual miced cab capture would be extra nice feature.

Totally. I often run an extension cab with my combo, loaded with a different speaker. It’d be awesome to be able to capture both at once, as that’s the sound I’m familiar with!

I have a mixer to do this. Then I can hear the mic mix and blend it before sending it for capturing.


I will do it with my mixers as well. I have been contemplating miking as I await my Retal QC.

You should of course be able to adjust inputs separately otherwise the other input could clip with even knoving it does. If you have good mixer then sound quality doesnt suffer much but in my tests mixers always alter the sound for good or for bad.

If you set the mixer flat with eq off then it is just a matter of how good your preamps are. Miking techniques and isolation panels can all make major improvements. But I am going to try a few with just the capture output and single mics using an iso panel. I figure if they made it to do that way it must at least do a decent capture

I think this would give edge over competition as this would be the only device that doesnt need mixer when using two mics. And of course the upcoming looper here would help you position mics because when you adjust your mics you need external looper to hear the setup. I think that qc has very good preamps so why not just use them. What about 4 or 6 mics, i think qc could do even that once they go on this path.

You can always do 2 captures, one for each mic, and blend them afterwards

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Yes, im doing that already and blended more than than two in plugin but was hoping to be able to do this in the device thats about 1000 times the price of the plugin. But dont get me wrong, even without that i still enjoy qc very much and think this is the best thing in music for a while. Ps. Made a capture of cabinet with one mic and it came out great and then converted it to ir to save some prosessing power for effects. I can recommend doing cab captures as it works great.

I meant blending them in the unit itself, with parallel paths

Thats otherwise good idea and works well but it will eat away bass and vocals when rehearsin.

Sounds like a good Idea. I use 2 cabs one has a 12" Tone Tubby Red Alnico with open back the other is a 12 " Tone Tubby 40/40 Ceramic. almost closed back Fuchs ODS Classic 50W driving them.

A cheap 2 or 4 channel mixer works well for this. I have on old behringer.