Standby vs. Shutdown?

What are your thoughts on using standby vs. shutdown when not using the QC? Obviously, if you’re taking it out on the road, you’re shutting it down anyway, but what about just sitting in your studio day after day? I’ve been putting it in standby if I thought I’d play with it again that day, and shutdown at night. But now I’m thinking, why not just keep it in standby all the time?

More or less the same power consumption in standby as with the unit on. It just mutes the outputs and turns off the display.

Just don’t want to degrade it’s life by leaving it in standby vs shutdown for longer periods of time. If that’s a thing…

I shut it down if I know I am not going to be using it all of the time. The startup time is quite slow, but I have noticed in standby mode that my Quad Cortex gets really hot and heat is devastating for electronics in the long run. I tend to just shut down most of the time.

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Mostly i shut it down

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Standby if connected to audio gear (e.g. FRFR, PA etc.) to avoid the pop when starting and I believe someone measured the power draw when in standby and it was considerably less than being on etc.