Energy Efficient Standby

I would be very happy if the standby mode didn’t waste as much energy. I typically leave it on standby, even overnight, out of pure laziness or forgetfulness, but I really don’t like it, so it’s kind of a daily mental struggle.

I do not claim to know if it’s feasible or not to implement.

I do not wish to judge anyone’s usage practices, and I hope this feature request will not turn into an ideological war.

If it’s possible, I just think it’ll be a great thing to have. Cheers!

As long as they could maintain a “quick-start”, I would be for as efficient a standby mode as possible. I think of “Standby” similarly to the way it is implemented on a tube amp. It keeps the tubes warm but mutes the amp, so you can startup instantly when standby is switched off. I would hate to have to wait for the QC to boot up after coming out of standby mode. At that point, you might as well have just turned it off.

I agree, that’s why I am usually lazy about turning it on and off and keep it on standby.