Sreen problem (shaking, altered color, bad resolution)

Hello, i have QC from about 1 month and today all of a sudden while i was playing the screen started to be mad: shaking, the colors are all wrong like strange as if there was a contrast problem,
the writings are grainy etc.
I always used original power supply, and used QC only on the desk of my studio, so he never folled, had shock or something else.
I tired to perform a factory reset but nothing changed.
I asked thomann to change the unit, but every one can have an idea of what could be the problem?
Thak you,


Hi @Fabrizio and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear about your QC acting up. If your vendor is replacing your QC, that would be the best bet unless you feel like emailing but it looks like that unit would need to be serviced IMO.