Screen stuck on rebooting prompt

Hello all. I bought my QC during the pre-order and it has worked amazingly since. Last night I downloaded the most recent update and it now will not boot up. It goes to the neural screen and then says it encountered a problem. Then it goes to a Rebooting! screen and stays there perpetually. I have tried power cycling the unit and no joy. The buttons and touchscreen are non responsive. I have emailed support, but was hoping maybe one of you had a fix for this. I have tour coming up in a few weeks and we run our FOH of the qc, so I need to get it back up and running. Thanks for the help.

Oscar Hokton

Hi @Shrewstrey32 and welcome to the forum! That is definitely not normal behavior and at this point, NDSP support ( is going to be the only direction to get this resolved quickly.