Spiked Sound Switching from a Clean to Light OD Scene

Hey guys and cheers from NYC.

First time I’ve encountered this:

Got a clean scene (nice title for a tune or preset) using a Princeton (Vol about 11:00) with a Chief Comp at about 11:00 sustain. Switch over to my captured Timmy (light OD) scene which is at the same volume level and there’s a noticeable blip spiked sound between the scenes.

I subbed the stock Blues Driver for the Timmy and had the same issue. Matched the volume of the amp and muted the comp: same issue.

Any thoughts?

HI @gitapik , I would recommend emailing support@neuraldsp.com and they will likely have you send logs and the preset you are using to diagnose the issues.

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Could be your delay settings changing between scenes if you have one set up.

Try disabling blocks one by one between scenes to see which one is causing the blip. Once you find the block causing the blip you can narrow it down to the parameter (my guess would be delay time).

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Have you uploaded the preset? we could check it out if so.
I seem to recall trails on delays causing this kind of issue, even if the delay was bypassed

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Hey guys. Thanks for the replies.

It’s not the delay. I even took it out of the chain (and didn’t save the change) and it didn’t make a difference.

I’m checking out the way I set levels, now. Got a funk comp part in there which isn’t used w my Timmy or Real Tube captures. I changed some amp settings to equalize the volume. Going to see if that’s the problem, next.