Strange Level Drop Engaging FX Loop 1 (post CorOs 2.0 Update)

I’m going to do some more investigative work, but I thought I would see if anyone else has had this issue since updating.

Never had this problem before. Have a Lightspeed in Loop 2 and a Benson Preamp in Loop 1.

Tonight at rehearsal, if I started with Loop 1 engaged, it would be full volume. But, when I would go to the next scene where it was disengaged and then go back to previous… it was about half the volume.

I went for a lead line and it felt like there was nothing there. I’m going to have to use some other kind of internal drive or boost on Sunday. Can’t have that happen in the middle of a service.

I’m sure you’d be forgiven, but-
Would be good to reach out to support in case it’s a bug they need to know about or maybe have a fix to suggest.
I think I’ve seen a few folks experiencing some FX Loop issues, but I haven’t personally. I’m using a Meris LVX in stereo with both loops and it was functioning normally when I checked this morning

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Not sure if that was dig or not? Hard to tell in text. Regardless, I know I’m forgiven. That’s not really the point.

I don’t care if I was playing at church, a dive bar, or the retirement home on bingo night… I need it to work.

I was just seeing if anyone else had that problem. I will contact tech.

Are the settings identical in the FX blocks in each scene?