Clipping in JC-120 Factory Capture

I am experiencing clipping distortion on the factory “Rols Jazz CH120” .
This is sopposed to be a very clean amp. I’ve tried reducing the gain.
No matter where the gain is set …even at it’s lowest setting I get crackle. If I bypass this amp the crackle goes away. Trying using a compressor in front of it in hopes to reduce the peak levels into the front…ehhhh . Not much better.

Is anyone else here experiencing this?

Thank you

What is your input level on the swipe-down I/O menu for that channel? Try lowering that master input level and see if that cleans it up. That seems to work for most users.

Or you could put a gain block before the amp and reducing gain there

Hi. It is at 0db.Might try the gain block…thank you

I’m adjusting the impedance. That seems to have quite an effect on the response and for now that is working well with my humbuckers but there’s a trade off…It might be a very nice feature to make the input settings GLOBAL or Preset for those who have a guitars with a range of various outputs. Just a thought-Thanks for the tip

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yeah, being able to save impedance and input settings per patch is a HIGHLY requested feature, we multi-instrument users really need it. You can add your vote here:

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