Chief DS1, Watt D103, Bogna Uber Lead - noise issue

CorOS Version: 2.0.1

Describe your issue:

Set up two scenes with the Chief DS1 on different distortion level.
Switching between the scenes causes a beep sound. The more the difference between distortion settings, the louder the beep:

It happens both with and without an instrument connected and regardless of the input, the output and the presence of any other effects in the chain.
Turning fast back and forth the DISTORTION knob produces the same high-pitch noise.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. put a Chief DS-1 on an empty grid
  2. set any output
  3. set up scene A with DISTORTION set to 0 and scene B with DISTORTION set to 10
  4. switch between the scenes
    rotate fast back and forth the DISTORTION knob

I expected this to happen:

silent switching, no noise

I found the same issue on the MASTER and PRESENCE knobs of the Watt D103 Bright/Normal amps and the GAIN knob of the Bogna Uber Lead amp.

I’m in touch with the support team since november (CorOS 1.4.1) and I was confident for a fix in the new releases, but the bug is still there in version 2.0.1, so I’d like to know if someone else has the same problem.

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same problem on PRESENCE and DEEP knobs of the D-Cell H4 amp

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I just tried it and can confirm there is a slight digital ringing sound on every change of the distortion knob on the DS1 and Presence and Deep on D-Cell H4. When the knob is turned faster this accumulates and gets louder.

The sound is independent from the input and happens also if input is set to “Not In Use”.

Also interesting: The EV101IIIS Red 6L6 does the same thing on presence and resonance but only in the upper half of presence and the lower half of resonance.

This didn’t occur to me before, because I find it easier to have multiple instances of the pedal/amp that I switch on/off between scenes. So that may be a workaround, if your preset isn’t too crowded yet.


Turning the knob fast is just another way to detect the problem, normally you’ll never do it and if you turn the knob at normal speed it’s hard to hear the noise.
Instead, it’s very annoying when you switch between different scenes with different levels of the affected parameter, especially at high volume levels.

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Hi @manrik , I would definitely email as this may be a bug they need to look into. I haven’t been able to reproduce but it would be a good idea to email and send them some diagnostic logs for resolution.

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Hi @MP_Mod, I wrote to support in November and they were able to reproduce the issue on CorOS 1.4.1, but it’s still present in 2.0.1

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I would email again and let them know you are still experiencing the same issue as previously reported.