Speakers for Quad Cortex

Bottom line… How does it feel in your hands? Does it make you want to play?

For me the term FRFR is sort of misleading. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a speaker that didn’t have it’s own sound. With that, I recently picked up a pair of the Harbinger V4112’s. These have a built in 7 band parametric, programmable, and savable EQ! I’ve been able to get almost the same sound out of these as I do with my studio monitors… at least close enough that these will be keepers. I have a pair of the Headrush 12" but they are just too bass heavy for me, which forced me to have a separate eq on the QC just for the monitor outputs.

I’m using a DV Mark Neoclassic 112 (8.4kg) and a Harley Benton GPA-100 as monitor in companion to a venue’s PA speakers. It’s plenty loud, and sounds neutral enough to work with all of my patches. The big win for me is the weight of it.

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Just recieved the Raezer’s Edge Audio Flux 210. Not disappointed at all. This is coming from an old analog/tube player with little modeler experience. Tried studio monitors and “frfr” with various modeler units, nowhere near the experience of hot tubes. The Audio Flux has no eq, just two volumes (R/L), a stereo/mono micro switch, two xlr ins, and two xlr outs. I don’t get why we spend $$$ on flat response then want to eq it. Can’t we do that with our fancy silver box (QC)? There is a removable lower panel on the back (no tools required) to go from closed to open back, with quite a noticable difference in bass response, and room fill. The Audio Flux is about 35 lbs. That’s nothing… I’m 67 and I still own, and move occasionally, a Twin Reverb… 65 lbs., mostly stick with the Champ though. Anyway, just wanted to say that I think I found a pretty good matchup cab for the QC, at least for me.

Geoff makes some really nice stuff.

Matrix GT1000FX and their FR212: