Speakers for Quad Cortex

Thank you very much Torsten! I’ll check that out soon and then I’ll keep you informed about the result of Kone with QC

I just sold my CLR. Sounded very boxy compared to the Headrush or Yamaha dry-10 which I currently use. My advise is stay away from the CLR. Plus it’s no where near as powerful and ither of the previous mentioned.

Thanks…yeah I tell you, the headrush is amazing sound/dollar and I’d love to hear them side by side. I’ll just say that it may have been the CLR that caused me to ditch modeling a couple years ago. I just couldn’t get it dialed in like I wanted. No problem on that front with the Headrush or the EV. So, I don’t think I’m looking for a speaker anymore, anyway. I have the Headrush for home and the EV if I need anything louder. I use in-ears anyway so speaker is just for stage fill essentially. There was a case where one of my ear buds died and it was nice to have the monitor on that side and my working ear bud on the other. That was a gig playing with pros too, so it would have tripped me out but with that, I just popped the earpiece out and never missed a beat.

Are you guys using the 10” or 12” Headrush?

I have the 8” but FWIW find it under powered for our rehearsals with acoustic drums (that said, is a really live room—a garage ;), so it’s a bit louder than one with wood and carpet). Fortunately I don’t do that often but now also have an EV wedge that sounds similar. Both are nice to help dial in tones and ultimately I also use studio monitors as part of that process. I use IEMs at gigs so I don’t usually gig with a speaker…when I do, I take the EV.

Hmmm actually I went back and compared them and the FRFR108 is boomier than the EV monitor, which has a 12 in it! Both still sound good to me.

I have a 1x12" Cabinet with the Celestion F12M 150 Powered with a ICE Power 250ASX amp Module
sounds great and is loud

Interesting, how did you wire up the amp module?

its really simple you have an ac input , line input and speaker out
all written in the manual how to wire, and you can buy a cable set for all in and outs
in the back of the cab i put a combi plate which houses an ac switch power input and the jack input

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Great! Thanks for the update and picture! Seems pretty simple! I might try to make a stereo setup :slight_smile:

Maybe a little late here, but I had the asc-12. Exactly the same, but in guitar cab form instead of wedge. I used it with my now sold Kemper. It was a bit dark, and heavy! So I sold that too. Now that I am in QC land, I may go with a Yamaha DXR10. Still deciding.

I’m using QSC K12. Love it!

i use the Laney LFR-212 and love the sound coming out of it… i think i maybe buy a second one to go stereo !

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