Speakers for Quad Cortex

I use Yamaha DBR10 cuz its light, loud and sounds great, BUT

If I did not need as much portability I would have gone with Laney LFR212 which IMO is THE speaker for modelers

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I went ahead and ordered the LFR212. It’s 15% with a coupon that Guitar Center sent out.

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What the volume like? I’m looking for something that can be low volume at home but also be loud enough for a Metal band

It’s an 800w cab and I only ever run it at the halfway point at the most. I’d say it’s loud enough haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m using the Mimic 212 from Blueamps. Awesome!
High authenticity of sounds, very linear.

Has anyone run it through a power amp and a normal guitar cabinet? Curious about my options playing live.