Expression Pedals

Hi folks,

I tried using my fractal expression pedal with my cortex and it doesn’t appear to work. Is it just me? I’m new to expression pedals so I’m probably doing it wrong but when I try to calibrate it nothing really happens. Has anyone used the fractal expression pedal with their cortex? If you’re using an expression pedal you really like, what is it and what do you like about it?

I was able to get my fractal EV-2 mini expression pedal to work right away. Make sure you are using the jack on the front marked EXP and not the side jacks which are considered volume. Other double check is to make sure you are using a TRS (stereo) and not a standard instrument cable which is TS. The only thing I had an issue with (as has been posted previously) is that there is not an auto engage for the pedal, which I hope they address in a future update.

I have 2 x Mission Engineering EP-25 Pro (Aero) pedals and they’re awesome! I’ve used them with the Fractal AX8, Kemper Floor and now the Quad Cortex and they work flawlessly. The travel and feel is really nice… i have one that is spring loaded for that Morley Wah kind of thing and the other can be positioned so between both i have a lot of flexibility!

Just make sure you’re using a TRS Cable

I’ve been looking at the Fender Treadlight expression pedal. Any reason why that wouldn’t work with the QC?

I have the boss ev-30.
It works well, but I wonder if it is just me, or the expression pedal
but there seem to have some ‘‘lag’’ like the beginning of the sweep on each sides does not affect anything. I wonder if this is from the cortex or the pedal

I tried a different TRS and my EV-1 is working fine. I love the feel and it’s pretty responsive. It’s a huge pedal so it’s not great for a crowded pedal board but I’m using it with the cortex so it works for me. I would probably recommend the EV-2 for most people just to save a little space and lighten your load. The original cable I tried was a brand new “worlds best cables” brand made with Canare L-4e6s cable and eminence TRS connectors. I thought all TRS cables were stereo. I’m I wrong about that? Did I get a dud cable or is there some other reason it might not work for this application?

If it’s TRS and soldered correctly, the cable will work. I’d check the solder joints first to make sure they’re clean and I’d also check to make sure that tip is soldered to tip, ring to ring, etc.

TRS can be unbalanced stereo OR balanced mono (like an XLR cable).