Is there any point to an external midi footswitch?

I was going to get an external midi footswitch to use with my quad cortex, but it seems there is almost no point. Am I missing something in the manual? It doesn’t seem I can turn on/off blocks beyond the 8 footswitches on the unit itself.

Was hoping to use the quad cortex in hybrid mode for stomp/scenes + use the midi footswitcher for additional stomps. This would eliminate most pedals on my board, but not seeing anything to control more than just the 8 switches on the board itself.

If you get one that can send multiple midi commands with a single click, I think the work around is (e.g if you have your QC in Scene mode) midi footswitch sends ‘change to hybrid mode’, ‘footswitch press’, ‘change to scene mode’. Apparently that will happen as good as instantaneously.

Might be able to get it to work with Hybrid mode, but I can’t wrap my head around that - I just have a basic bitch midi footswitch that only does one thing per switch. It’s nice to have the QC on the desk though for easy editing, and footswitches on the floor. Maybe you could switch to stomp mode then back to hybrid…

I think switching to gig view and back would be useful. Switching between preset, scene, hybrid and stomp modes would be more convenient than stepping on two switches at once.

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I see how that could be useful to some. Personally I would find going between those modes mid song disorienting.

Kinda annoying it doesn’t seem I can have even 8 stomp switches + 4 scenes available at once if I expand with a midi footswitch. Especially with the amount of blocks that are available on the unit.

Did you read my reply? Pretty sure you could do this with, say, the HoTone ampero control. Have the QC in stomp mode, use the 8 switches for that, then each of the external switches need to be programmed to; ‘Switch to scene mode, select scene A/B/C etc, switch back to stomp mode’.

I guess you could program a second bank on the HoTone to select scenes E - H, then you’d have the best of both - all scenes and all stomps accessible.

I did read your reply but the way it’s all worded in the manual is confusing. I would love to avoid switching modes or the view on the QC during a song.

I think what you’re saying at the end makes sense. Have the QC in stomp mode, and then the footswitch is just adjusting through 4 scenes in the background of that. The manual makes it seem like you’re just controlling the A-H footswitches on the device. Appreciate the help!

This is exactly what I do for gigs. I bought a disaster area midi baby pedal and have 8 scenes setup. If I want to toggle to stomp mode I can with one foot switch as opposed to the two at once on the QC.

You can do a lot with a midi controller. I use a Morningstar MC6 Pro. I use it to seamlessly choose between Preset, Stomp and Scene mode without having to scroll though them. Also I use it to go to gig view with the push of a button. Also you can be in ‘Stomp’ mode and change presets that you setup. In order to change effects you have to use the CC messages that the QC uses for each stomp switch. In other words, you can’t just arbitrarily choose a random CC message, it has to be one that coincides with the number(s) that are in the manual. With the Morningstar, however, they’re in the midi dictionary which from what I understand has been built from user input. I have noticed that a couple of the number have been misplaced in regard to the view selections but it’s not difficult to see what the correct ones are.

I prefer to be in gig view and either stomp mode or scene mode during a song. In between songs preset mode and the tuner come in handy.

I am intrigued by the Morningstar MC6 PRO. Was it designed more or less to work with the QC?
iasked this in another thread but have not received a reply yet, so I will ask it here…Which MIDI foot controller woud be the ultime for the QC? And which one is easist to interface with the PC? Are there any cool tutorals out there for something like the Morningstar that are QC specific?

If I had a midi footswitch I could control the QC that is on my desk from the floor. I think something made from sticks and tape and cables and pulleys could work, too.

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LOL :upside_down_face:

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I’ve just purchased a Roland FC-300 because as nice as it is to have the QC on the floor, it’s much easier to edit at at a height that makes sense when sitting or standing.