Simple MIDI foot controller

I’m sure this has been answered, but I’m looking for a simple (ideally 3-button) MIDI footswitch so I can change between preset, scene and stomp modes. That’s ALL I need to do.

I’ve seen people have success with the Morningstar MC3, but they are listed as “sold out” on the manufacturer’s website, so I’m looking for an alternative unit that has been verified to do what I need.


Tech 21 MIDI Mouse? No experience with it, but a buddy liked his. FWIW.

It looks like the MIDI Mouse buttons are for up, down and active/search. I wonder if they can be programmed to change modes. I forgot, I would also like to do a long press for Gig View.

Disaster area designs MIDI Baby 3 does what you need.

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I was hoping the MIDI Baby 3 would work, but I didn’t see the QC on the website’s “supported devices” page. I guess for such simple operations it would work just fine?

They probably haven’t had a chance to test it on a QC yet.
But Midi Baby can send both CC and PC messages + a lot of other messages. So it should work.

I have a friend who has the MiDI Baby 1.
I can ask him if I borrow it and try it with the QC to verify that it works with the QC.

But I´m not sure when it will be done. Hopefully this weekend.

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I use a Midi Baby 1. A short press toggles between stomp, scene and preset. A long press toggles between normal view and gig view. When the QC is in stomp mode, Midi Baby’s led is green. In Scene mode, blue. In Preset mode, red.

I highly recommend the Midi Baby 1.

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Airstep Multi? Haven’t tried mine with the QC yet but you can programme the Airstep to transmit any MIDI CC or PC etc

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I am using Airstep for 3 modes, gig view/normal view and the 5th switch for the looper

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