Simple Delay (ST) is NOT stereo

CorOS Version: 2.0.0

Describe your issue:
When I use a “simple delay (ST)” it is Mono. simple delay (M) and simple delay (ST) are identical.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Create new press
  2. Insert Delay > Simple Delay (ST)

I expected this to happen:
I expected that simple delay (ST) will be stereo. With “width controls”

I have tried the following things:

  • Create New Preset
  • Reset all my QC

I believe that means it’s a stereo BLOCK, not stereo effect, necessarily. Meaning that the delay itself isn’t stereo or ‘dual’ but a stereo block will still be able to send a stereo effect THRU the Simple Delay block, which it couldn’t if it was a mono Simple Delay block.


I don’t think… If L and R are identical what kind of stereo is? Using Simple Delay M or Simple Delay ST the result are the same.
Other ST delays are stereo.

As @xush has stated, it’s more to maintain stereo path when you have one set up. So if you have a stereo modulation first in your signal chain, it’ll still be stereo on the other side of the delay, so you’ll get the L/R panning from the modulation effect baked into the delay sound.

If you want a pingpong delay or something, you’ll have to select an effect that actually does different rates on the L/R channels of the delay.


If you have a stereo effect before the amp, the cabs need to be panned for it to take effect.

ok… now is clear. So the effect “ST” simply maintain the stereophony of the previously signal path.