Real Stereo Delay ( Like line6 Analog w/mod style )

Hi there, is it possible to have a stereo delay without using de ping-pong option? If not, Please Neural Dsp… we really need that. If I use the tape delay in stereo ( without ping-pong ), the signal is dead center. Normal?
Thanks a lot

what do you expect to happen in stereo with out ping pong? can you give an example of another delay that does this?

the only way to get stereo out of a delay repeat is to pan that individual repeat or to autopan all delay repeats using an lfo and phase control to move the panning smoothly across left/right

Well, a delay who does’nt Have the same signal in the 2 sides but keep the same time. With a wide knob maybe! Not alternate side one after the other( ping pong). Yes, we can do that with 2 mono delay and the mixer section but come in… there’s easiest way! Line6 does that in 75% of there stereo delays!

so a phase shift or micro delay for each side.

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There is already a ‘wide’ knob on all delays/reverbs etc that have stereo capabilities

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