How do I record stereo delays with QC?

Hi all,

I need to use ping pong delay in a song and even when I choose stereo delay effect on quad cortex, it doesn’t make any difference. I want it to sound like the effect is being panned.

Right now I use input 1 guitar and output 3 of QC to the audio interface. Should I also connect another output to the audio interface?

And if that’s the case, should I do anything else on Logic too, like adding an extra channel?


You need to use two outputs (one carries the left signal, the other carries the right).

In Logic you have the option to either create a single stereo track or two mono tracks which you can then group.

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Another option is to use the QC as your audio interface via USB to your DAW, and bypass your audio interface entirely.

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Also, keep in mind not every ST delay is a stereo EFFECT, some (like Simple Delay) are a Stereo BLOCK.They allow a stereo signal to pass thru the delay and remain in stereo, but the Delay itself does not ping-pong or pan. So even though it says “ST” in the device name, that particular Delay is not going to pan.
Hope that makes sense

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