Silver Jubilee captures with presence UP


I was really disappointed that almost all the QC’s factory Jubilee captures had presence set to near 0 and gain on 10 :frowning: That’s a nice sound for sure in some situations, but when I used my own Jubilee amps I found that this amps needs the presence control up to have it’s best sound….in my opinion of course :wink:

So my request is that we could get the lead channel captures with presence at 4-6 and gain at 6-8

My own favourite Jubilee settings on the Lead channel with pull rhythm clip OFF with stock Gibson Les Paul Standard were presence 5, bass 6, middle 5 treble 5, gain at 7 and 7,5 (little adjustings makes a big difference in this amp and especially gain smoothens the sound a lot) and the second favourite settings were all eq’s at 6 and gain at 7 and 7,5. With these settings I used output master at around 6-7 and lead master around 7-8

I’d like to see presence UP-versions of the Jubilee captures in the future and LOVE to see the settings I mentioned in those captures :pray:

Hi Calebzki, make sure you are pairing with the best cab and mic (or or IR).
Also, remember to check the cloud, there are many Jubilee captures available and some may fit your requirements.