Help Capturing a pedal

Hello guys,

Hopefully you can help me with this.

When capturing my pedals (so far I have captured several Treble Boosters) I’ve noticed the QC response is awesome however the capture needs a tweak (minimum one on bass mid and treble in the band of 0.5) but bigger one on gain (band of adding 7 points of gain)

Having watched several videos and tutorials from Rabea for example they mention this issue comes from the levels and you have to use auto set

When doing that I first set the guitar input as I have it in my unit, normaly 6 and then press auto set and play assuming the levels are going to be auto set.

My understanding is that once all is set and settled the auto set function will stop and parameters will be set however this never happens, I can keep playing as long as i want and when I stop playing and press auto set back the indicator drops so it gets set to the minimum (I think is -12)

Is that supposed to work like that or am I doing anything wrong.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated!


Hey @rdavles81 - Please email into and they can help walk you through this process and answer any additional questions :slight_smile:. You will also a get a quicker answer back.

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