Settings for the factory Captures!

Quad Cortex really should have the amp settings listed for the factory captures. Why I need the settings?

For example:

I know in the real world how I like to set the knobs on JCM800 and Silver Jubilee amps. I know that I need to set the bass at least to 6, middle at least 5 and presence at least 5 to get the sound I like. So?

I can skip all the captures that don’t match these values and save a lot of time in my workflow! I don’t have to try all the +100 captures and try to figure out which one works the best.

Without the settings listed it just takes ridiculously lots of time to try all the captures and try to find “the right” ones and sometimes it just kills my workload so bad that I just close the device and let my nerves cool down a bit before trying again :wink:

We need well organized PDF- or EXCEL-file for all the amp’s knobs settings for the factory captured amps (and for the Cloud amps also!) And if you can take it one step further, please include the settings for each capture in the Quad Cortex device. Thank you! You’re doing awesome job Neural, keep it going!!

There is already a request for this, with more votes.