Which included Amp or Capture is your default level (without modifying it)?

Hi people, new user, first real post here

I’m curious which amp or capture people use as an average volume or default clean amp level to set their QC?
Some feedback on a good average level amp or capture that matches the most onboard amps and captures would be cool.

I’m noticing major level jumps between some amps and captures,
amp model D-Cell H4 Ch1 Bright
capture D-Cell Herb 1

the capture is 24.0dB louder!

It sucks flicking thru presets on a multi-fx and the levels jump all over the place
Or adding an amp to the grid here and it’s way louder/softer
So hit me with your selections

Thanks in advance!

Hey Bevo, hope your enjoying the QC. My recommendation would be to actually dial in your input level using the mixer. Drag down from the top, select your input channel, then change the gain until your hitting the -10db line with your hardest hits. This is the most reliable way to get all the models to react as they should.

From their, the built in amp blocks will be much more consistent in volume. Don’t use captures to evaluate. Those can be any form of craziness/quality.

Hope this helps!


That’s a fantastic tip, thanks!

There are various feature requests for a normalized output but until such a thing gets implemented this will be very helpful.

Hey thanks bro

I thought I was fine hitting -15 to -20dB

But yeah, -10, that’s a big difference
The D-Cell H4 Bright clean matches my Herbert clean now in level

Everything else is louder now too though lol

So do you manually have to change the input level whenever you change guitars?
Strat to Fluence pickups is about 10dB difference IIRC

You won’t get around adjusting the input level. If you dial in a tube amp for your strat and then switch to the fishmans in active voice you will also have too much gain / oversaturated tone.
That is, if the qc doesn’t have some auto-input-level feature I’m not aware of

Actually I just thought of something for that
It has a 2nd instrument input I could dedicate to another guitar, like a strat

Plus I could also set the Fluence’s to hit -10dB,
and add a gain block before the amps on the strat presets

That might work

My bad, I wrote input level but meant you will have to compensate different input signals somewhere in your chain.

Sure you can use different inputs for your guitars. If you don’t have anything in the fx loops you can also use returns 1 and 2 for extra instruments.
And setting the level or gain on the amps or other blocks should work as well as long as the input signal doesn’t clip.

I have separate presets for high output pickups, medium output pickups and bass (obviously) to compensate for the different signals. Works out really nice for me.

An instrument input presets page would get around that for different level pickups

Like you swipe down twice,
and an Instrument 1 page pops up with 8 saved input presets
You press one of the stomps and it selects that input level and exits

That would be pretty quick for stage