Signal Chain in DAW with Neural Amp Sims

Hey Neurals,

Starting this thread so we can share our signal chain while using neural dsp sims in a DAW.

Also, learn how to improve it.

My present signal chain:
Karzog True Iron - Kush Omega A - Omni Schelps Channel Strip - Neural Amps - Ozone 9

Would love to know yours.
Chasing the tone.

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Hey can i ask you why all that stuff before tha amp?

It just sounds more deep and dynamic.
The placement changes the tone a lot.
Guess it’s down to your ears and its taste.
I have been trying to figure the correct way. But I guess there is none.

Guitar - Rme Ufx - Neural - KICK ASS

Fabfilter proQ3, cla76, neural plugin. Bussed with fabfilter proq3, Saturn 2, cla76.

What’s the purpose/advantage of bussing with similar plugins again?

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The eq before is an eq to the DI. I generally just make one or two changes to bring out frequencies depending on pickups. The one after, I use to notch out problem frequencies. Compression helps everything sit in the mix so using compression on the individual tracks and then on the bus helps “glue” the guitars together.

I got some really interesting results with your setup.
How are you using Saturn 2? Any specific preset?
There is way too many experimental/cool stuff in Saturn, but what is your standard goto?

With CLA 76, are you just applying the guitar Blue or Black preset?

Won’t ask you about Pro-Q3 as I always just end up applying the guitar repair preset. I have watched a few videos but I get big bogged down while fixing frequencies.
There is a nasty bass resonance I get on my 4th fret of B-string (especially when palm-muting) which I have read around can be fixed with Pro-Q.
Alas, someday.

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Awesome man I’m glad you tried it out! So I use Saturn to control low end. I use it on my bass bus and guitars (8 string in drop E). It just controls a lot of the low end flub you can gather. It also works really nice to saturate some mids in your guitars. I use the CLA black and usually I’m just compressing 1-2 db on each of them to stick everything in the mix but not to drastically change dynamics. No ducking or anything like that. Hope that helps!

I have been having too much fun with Saturn 2 presets this early morning here.
Will sit down to learn it properly soon.

Any specific preset you suggest i can just glue and forget for my standard guitar practice routine with Neural Plugins. Something that just makes sense everytime for regular playing around.

So, channel strips never interested you?
I have been drawn to them lately, but having a mixed time. Like now I feel, your setup is very nice and rounded than the results i have been getting with CS.
Cheers for that BTW.

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TBH I’ve never used a channel strip. I have a few though. I’ll mess around with that tonight. Most of the time with Saturn I split into 4 bands. Sub low, low, mid and high. Cut sub and low 1-2 db, boost mid .5-1 db and adjust highs accordingly. All warm tape and I don’t really adjust any of the frequency knobs. I haven’t even used the presets in there. I watched Buster (HLB) mix in URM and I did the same things he did.

Cheers mate.
Gonna play around with warm tape as you suggested.

Do try the channel strips and post your take on that.
Would be interested.

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So wanted to share my experience in solving the boomy ness which had been plaguing my guitar tone for a few months now.

Here the solution I found after months of reading, tweaking and failing.
The boomyness was part of my room dynamics which got solved by simply adjusting the LPF / HPF settings at the back of adam 5x monitors.
I had almost started accepting that maybe it was a problem with my guitar(s).

@AaronW, thanks to you somewhere. I got finally down to understanding Pro Q3 and it’s usage. Thats when it struck me.

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Dude awesome! So glad I could help.