My attempt at a Boss OC-3 / OC-5 effect on the QC

I’ve been playing with recreating the “bass tones only on the first few strings” effect of the Boss OC-5 with the QC and I’ve got something pretty close that I’d like to share.

This preset uses the polyoctave plus 4 different EQ’s to carve out the higher tones and only pass the lowest bass frequencies. I’ve A/B’d this with my OC-5 and it’s extremely close. I’m posting it hoping that A) Someone else will get use out of it, and B) that someone more skilled with EQ’s and filters can help me reduce the number of blocks needed to create this effect.

I’ve also attempted using the split/crossover feature of the QC, but the filter doesn’t really seem to do anything except act as a tone knob. Maybe I’m using it wrong. Happy to hear any suggestions for how to improve this preset or to try out any variations that you want to upload.

Scenes A-D are Clean, Crunch, High Gain, Solo + the bass effect. Scenes E-H are the same but minus the bass. Cheers!