Any RATM fans who play bass?

I’ve been working on a replication of Tim Commerford’s setup using the QC, as I’m covering bass for an RATM tribute.

Patch can be found here, which uses all stock devices:

Compromises that I would love Neural to work on a fix for:

  • It’s quite heavy on CPU as I duplicated all devices on the clean and dirty signal paths to minimise latency between them. Either fixed phase/latency in loops, or a way of adjusting this would be great.
  • It also blends both signals into one cab, so that I can use an effects loop as a stage amp output. Allowing us to create a send to outputs 3/4 would enable to use of separate simulated cabs, but only one stage amp.

Pedal details:

  • Pitchshifter to drop by one semitone for Bulls On Parade
  • Dual wahs for Calm Like A Bomb (auto activated when moving expression pedal 2)
  • Rat for the bass drop in Bombtrack (best fuzz sound available)
  • Marshall Governor for a dirtier sound for a lot of songs on Evil Empire, and other more distorted sections.
  • Moog LPF for the chorus of People of The Sun, activate at the beginning of the chorus, then go to heel position for the end of each time round the riff. (I’m not sure Tim actually makes the filtered sound I’m hearing, but I like the way it sounds coming from the bass).
  • Octaver also present, not sure where Tim uses this, but he did have a Boss OC2 on his board for a while, so I added one in.

Any feedback or suggestions welcome.


I’ll check it out-
what mode is it optimized for? I’m always in scene mode- does this one use scenes, or primarily laid out for stomp mode?

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Just stomps, basically all the pedal changes are one pedal anyway, so I didn’t bother with scenes for now, even though I normally stick to that mode too.

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it’s a cool preset; I dig the punchy, growly tone. Very nice and Timmyesque.
One thing I noticed is it defaults to FX Loop active at 100%, the preset was silent till I bypassed the Loop block. Might give some users a bit of trouble to figure out why there’s no sound at first.
Looks good otherwise! Nice job

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Nice shout on the FX loop, I use that as my amp output, but I also have a couple of pedals in it, hence being set that way.