First attempt at profiling

Hello all I am new here and thought I would share. I am not new to modeling as I have been a kemper guy for 8 years. I ended up selling the Kemper for a quad cortex and while I thought it was pretty slick it didn’t really click until I made my own profiles and some scenes using a clean, crunch, lead setup with 3 captures from the same amp. I am super happy with it after that. I uploaded my JVM410 and JSX profiles to the cloud if you are interested (rickprice79). I also plan to profile my Mesa TC-100, Mark V 90 and ENGL Powerball II. With that said does anyone have a good recommendation for some good Dual Rectifier profiles? Looking for some non boosted profiles of the clean, vintage modern variety.

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Hi @rickprice79 , we have similar taste it seems so I will offer up what I use for DR captures what match my own amps nicely. I personally use and love the ‘DHF MESA ORG NCb Mod’ but check them all out. These DR captures sound excellent with the York Audio MB 2x12 V30 IRs

And remember, if you download the applicable presets, the captures will come with it etc.
Also, you can direct link your captures and or presets from the cloud etc.

Thanks I will check them out. I also have that york ir pack and love it!

Ok just tried that profile you recommended and it is sick. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I recorded that Mesa in a mix and thought I would share. No Post EQ and in wav format.


Holy crap! That sounds phenomenal! Great playing and tones and I knew you would love those captures! Man, that was such a cool driving riff that kept pumping and pumping and personally I heard a lot of influences in there, I felt like some of the chord structures you used near the end were reminiscent of Foo Fighters with some diminished chording. Loved the various changes throughout the song! Man, well freaking done! Please elaborate on your guitar(s) and setup, would love to hear more and please let me know if you post on YouTube. Nicely done!

Ps, I love the abrupt stop at the end, absolutely killer! I love the harmony riffs combined with the melody riffs. Funny, it reminds me of some of my own stuff I have done so I guess we should form a band :joy::love_you_gesture:

Sounds sick!!! Great job! I gotta try that capture too, right up my alley

For sure the mess TC is such a great amp. I used a TC50 coming from a Mark V for a long time. It just had that Marshall meets Mesa thing. Let us know when you get it on!

I also ran two jvm heads for a while too. One stock and one with KT88s.

Thanks for the kind words. I am going to make some profiles of the TC 100 this weekend. If anyone has any request for a specific eq or gain setting for it let me know and I will make one for you.


I’ll send you some amps lol!

Good on you! I did have a JSX for years and miss the super saturated tone. I wasn’t happy with the captures on the cloud so would love access to some quality new captures with the screaming highs and bottom end thud.

That was awesome. Nice job !!