Hello everybody, my first 24h with Cortex

Hello, I’m Mitch recording and studio geek, yesterday was my first day with the Cortex…

Testing it in my studio with studio monitoring, and real amp for futur giging.

Used to work with real amp micing and Torpedo live for recording (and Axe fx2 user back in the days).

Really impressed by the sound and simplicity of capturing my rig for live use.

The reverb and delay are great, they don’t get in the way of the guitar sound, like the better I own, Strymon and Eventide.

I captured my 5150III 6L6 50w in 3 parts, the preamps blue, red channels, and the power amp section so that I can use FX before and after the preamp, go out on Out 3 of Cortex to the power amp of my real 5150 and cab.
And the out 1/2 of the Cortex is for FOH with addition of my power amp capture and a cab IR.

Here’s the captures I made for the one who need separation of the pre and the power amp :


Have fun, stay cool :wink:


Welcome, @buzzm526, good to hear that you’re happy with the QC so far.
And many thanks for sharing your captures!

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I am QC user since last summer, I can’t live without it. Never had an issue and the sound is fantastic for my needs. Enjoy it.