Neural DSP - Complex Recording Signal Chain with Pedalboard, Real Amp, Stereo Looper

<Warning - confusing signal chain thread>

Hey folks, I’m debating whether I really need to invest in a dedicated interface vs seeing if my QC can rule all! Basically I want to have a WET/DRY/WET setup with:

  1. my Tube amp as DRY

  2. DI OUT from my AMP (via two notes captor) into LEFT Stereo FX → PA

  3. QC PRESET into RIGHT Stereo FX → PA FURTHER, I want to be able to record 5 signals - DI, and (1), (2), (3) mentioned above and the QC signal before it hits the stereo FX including my Aeros Looper.


  • Guitar

  • Pre Signal chain 1: PRE-FX Pedals → Tube Amp → Two Notes Captor → Cab

  • Pre Signal chain 2: QC

  • STEREO FX + Looper

I’ve prepared a little routing description, anyone want to tell me I’m NUTS or if this is actually not a bad idea! Cable mayhem around the QC aside, this would be a pretty clean setup with my QC stationed permanently on my desk !