Should I use cabs with neural captures?

Been trying some captures and they sound fine but looking at the presets in the cortex cloud some have cabs and some don´t… and i see some have a capture then an amp/cab after so im confused over how they are supposed to be used.
I´m sure the answer is whatever sounds right but i assume they are made with cabs into consideration so what´s the general consensus and it´s intended use?
Any help or opinions would be appreciated, thanks!

this file hosted in the official NDSP QC Facebook forum is an indispensable resource for translating the virtual devices into real-world gear. If you don’t mind DL’ing a PDF from Facebook, this list is supremely helpful. It describes each amp and recommends cabs that pair well with them. It also, along with the official device list in the manual, should categorize what’s included with the captures.

I’m fairly certain ALL the official Neural factory captures on the QC need cabs, they were all captured direct (even the 2 listed as combos)
It’s the user captures on the cloud where it gets confusing- there’s no way to know if the user didn’t describe what it includes. High gain amps are a little easier to figure out as DI amps will be bright/thin/fizzy if they need a cab added.

If you add a cab to a capture that doesn’t need one, it will sound hollow/phasey/boxy

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thanks, yeah i meant for the user ones i haven´t seen anyone get a description in what the thought process was and how it´s intended to sound or be used.
Can you link me to the pdf? i barely use fb so im not in the user group, which one is it so i can join?

He linked to the FB group in his post above.

whoops, dont know how i missed that haha thanks!

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