Improved Capture Process/Results

I am curious to see if anybody else has had a similar impression on 2.1 so far:

I have previously not been a huge fan of the QC amp captures. They sound pretty good exactly how they are captured, but in terms of reacting like the real amp to drive pedals or dynamics, I have not been impressed at all. I have an Ox Box that I use to load my heads, but have also tried capturing with real mics and cabs with similar results. I have tried to capture just the heads in the past, but it’s pretty difficult to do without a cab block.

Now that I have downloaded the update with the improved process, I have recaptured my two favorite heads using the cab blocks in the capture process and I feel that the captures are much more accurately captured and respond much closer to the real amps. Anybody else had a similar experience, or have any input on how I could improve my process?

I have always wished NDSP provided more guidance on the input and output gains for capturing, such as “To increase top end or gain on the capture, try increase gain 1. To increase bottom end, try increasing gain 2” Or whatever they recommend. This would keep me from having to try recapturing with slightly different gain levels 20 times.

Here’s a recent large thread on the topic of capture accuracy and people’s experiences with QC: