Help getting started: Recommended Presets and Neural Captures

I am a new quad cortex user. I run my quad cortex into a FRFR cab (Harley Benton G212A-FR Active Cabinet – Thomann Österreich). Usage is mainly in our rehearsal room for live rehearsals. We are a cover band (Muse, Foo Fighters, Blur) Instead of doing one preset for each song, I was wondering if some of you have experiences with presets or neural captures they think sound especially good.

  • Is a reverb a recommended addition to the effects chain when using it live through a FRFR cab?
  • Any tricks to make it sound great?
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Hi @mrkshdr, I am quite happy with the reverb models in the QC, so I don’t feel I need an additional unit.

For captures, if we talk about the classic rock territory, I would highly recommend They are the best I have found so far. There’s a few demo captures you can download for free from the Cortex Cloud. You need to add a cab block because the captures are DI captures.

You mostly play higher gain stuff, so maybe they may be too “classic” for you.

For high gain presets, you can for example check out Kiko Loureiro’s (Megadeth) presets (also on Cortex Cloud).

And there’s lots of others on the Cloud to check out.

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My suggest is to find an amp and cab u like for dirty tones and then put a high/low cut after it, cutting highs at the point that sounds nice to your ears; for clean tones u dont need to hig/low cut normally.

I rather meath whether I should insert a reverb into my rig inside of QC. Not sure if this is rather for recording or also for playing live

Thanks for the tips, will check out

Aaaah, ok. Yes, I think a little reverb is always good for rehearsal in smaller rooms or at home.
And maybe a delay for lead sounds.

I’ve been able to build several good sounds out of the captures that come with the unit. It covers most territory right out of the box.