Neural Capture - Mic Placement + Type of Mic/Other Qs

Have had my QC for a month now and been using it live and as I tweak it week by week it just sounds better. Well done Neural.

I do have some questions for those who have captured amps.

  1. I’ve noticed those that do upload some Neural Captures on the cortex app, that volume is significantly lower than the onboard amps/cabs. I’m sure it goes without saying - but an amp neural capture would not require a cab (similar to the amp + cab option as usual).

  2. I’ve noticed that when capturing my amp it sounds almost there. But when I A/B it to a scene where i’m using, for example the vibrato + cab, there are minor sonic differences in the subtlety - some nuances that a neural capture I’ve done doesn’t have. Am I being weird - or is this affected by the type of mic used? I’ve been using an SM57 for my captures.

Apart from that. I’ve captured my drives in multiple settings - and when using live, the FOH guys just love it.

Hope anyone can shed light on some of these.

I do not own one yet so sorry I cannot answer, but I had a question about live use.
Do you have lag between pre sets and switching to lead boosts?
Did you find a solution?


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1.) yes if your input is not up loud enough. I’m finding 12-14 is the range I need to make them in the ballpark. Also, keep in mind that you can level the amps/captures using the volume (not master volume). So even though it might be an annoyance to not have them at the same levels adjusting the over levels will not effect the tone and will balance between presets.

  1. Yes the mic will make a slight to huge difference. If you were comparing your capture to model you need to use the same cab/speaker and mic as well as placement. You will still have small differences but it will be close enough to know you got it.

As a side note - use a factory speaker and move the 57 around and see what you are getting then set your mic location that way on your capture sessions.

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Hey Craig!

I don’t use presets live, I use scenes.

I liken presets to be a “song”.

Within that preset i have different scenes ie , clean, drive, heavy lead, and ambience. No issues switching between them. Presumably its the same in stomp.

Because they share the same preset there is no lag whatsoever.

I do wish though that switching from one preset to another, ie a “song” to another “song”, that there would be spillover because it’s awkward in transitions. I’m sure the algos will become efficient enough to eventually do it.

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Great advice. Thanks for that. I might try capturing in an iso cabinet to see if i can get a bit more warmth. A bigger room might have been an issue.