Setup Transfer

I think it would awesome if there were a way I could carry a thumb drive with my full Quad Cortex setup. That way I could travel to anywhere and use a local rented QC to instantly plug in. Even locally I currently have kept multiple Axe-FX units at studios, practices, etc. The issue is always to quickly keep all the gear in perfect sync and quickly. Imagine being able to plug in anywhere in the world in a few minutes and experience your perfect setup. I realize there are other ways to back-up and re-establish a setup but nothing this user friendly.

Do you realize that this would require a hardware change?

Possibly, but why couldn’t it be accessed via simple plug in device at the USB connector?

is there a reason why you aren’t voting for this yourself?

The USB port is one that connect to a host. To plug in a flash drive, the USB port needs to BE the host.

As far as I know, you only have to log into your Neural DSP account with a QC via WIFI anywhere in the world and then install a backup via the cloud, setup done. It doesn’t get any easier than that. You can also use your Smartphone as mobile WIFI hotspot to do this.

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Yes. This is exactly how it works. I’m really happy with my QC.