Ability to use Flash drive via USB port for save loops, irs, captures, presets

It would be nice to be able to use the USB port a little wider, for example to store and play previously saved Loop sections. It would also be nice to be able to save your presets \ IR and captures directly to a USB flash drive.

The upcoming file manager should provide the ability to complete local global saves but its not on the radar for individual saving and or restoring.

I just find it strange to have USB functionality and not use it to its full potential. Cortex OS, as far as I remember, on Linux, which makes it possible to initialize the flash drive at the start. And then it is quite possible to make a choice of a saved preset / loop and load it into the system for playback.

The current USB port on the QC is not suitable for a flash drive, bacause it is a non powered USB B connector. A flash drive requires a powered USB A or USB C (newest flash drives).

Very sad. Thats real missing.