Desktop App and local storage of ALL Files from QC

Doug has said that local storage and in fact the desktop app will NOT be available at release. Please provide an ETA for when the desktop will be available, and a definitive answer if it will or will not allow a user to store their content locally without an internet connection.

Also, is an internet connection and Neural Cloud account required simply to run the Quad Cortex? My decision to complete my preorder depends on these issues.


No you are not required to be connected to the internet to use the QC. If you want firmware updates /sharing of captures or presets/backing up your unit and everything on it, than yes you will need to be connected to the internet to do those things.

The presets and captures that you have made are saved on your unit. I assume you understand that the desktop app will not be a standalone app like Helix Native, it is purely an editor and the QC will need to be plugged into your computer to use it.

Yes, I understand the desktop app is but an editor, not a desktop version of the Quad Cortex and all that it does. Thank you for the answer.

It is sad that a user cannot save their own presets/captures locally, and not sharing them in a Cloud, which is basically a computer storage under another party’s control. I thought that Doug had stated that the app would eventually allow local file and backup storage. I must be mistaken.

Thanks again!

I’m betting that in the very near future you will be able to store all your presets/files locally… it just seems like a no brainer.

To me that would be the default for the initial release, but it isn’t and Neural has yet to officially say it will come later. How hard is the coding in an application to “Save”? Not hard at all, but might not be desirable given their focus on control via a Cloud service.

so are you thinking they’ve got some financial profit incentive?.. because I’m pretty sure the cloud service is free to all QC owners.

Not suggesting anything nefarious at all. But, we have seen free Cloud activities later monetized simply because of popularity and rising costs for the maintainers.

But your questions makes me ask, do you have to provide a credit card number or PayPal link to open the Cloud account? Is an iLk account required for the Cloud?

I currently have a Neural account, which was required for downloading demos. That did NOT require any payment information and just nags at entering my iLock information.

Even though the backup is in the cloud it is not shared as such. You need to select patches from your unit you want to save. By default the sharing with the cloud is just for you personal account.

So if you have two QC units they will be in sync.

As for the desktop app, it will be able to make a local backup. To my understanding the first version supports taking a backup of the whole unit. So it is not a “librarian” application for your tones. Probably and hopefully that functionality is also implemented at some point.


Thanks for the information.

Is an iLok account required for a cloud account and the uploads/downloads?

My understanding is no ilok is required. However you need an ndsp account to login to the qc cloud if you want to get/share additional profiles or make cloud backups.

It is not required to use to unit however.