New in town, just ordered my QC - set up questions

Just received a notification that my QC is on route to me now :smiley:
I’m coming from L6 Helix to QC, and i’ve been trying to read up on this forum.

My setup will be my QC into my mac mini (m1) through usb, monitoring with KRK active speakers directly into QC. ill be using this at home for practice and recording through reaper for my band.
This was how i did it on my Helix, and it worked like a charm.
Will it be just as simple with the QC?
any heads up or pointers i should be aware of?

Hi @jimyoen and welcome to the the community! That is about it, pretty easy to connect and connects just like any other core audio compliant interface. Be sure to download and review the current manual:

Have fun!

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you should be good to go, just remember that the USB defaults to DI signal on input 1/2 of your DAW. You can change this, or just route for input/channel 3/4 and up for your effected signal chain.

here’s more resources if you’re inclined to dig in deeper:

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Oh, i didn’t know about this wikipage. Looks like my evening is fullbooked :sweat_smile: thanx!

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