Setlist Features

1-The ability to rename setlists.
2-The ability to delete a setlist and NOT delete the presets within that set. (this is insanity)

These would be very welcomed updates!

also moving items in a setlist to change it without having to redo the whole setlist, would be great


Saw the suggestion elsewhere, but setlists should just be links to presets. If the preset is updated, it is updated in every setlist.


There are already several topics about setlists here. Let me be precise. Real set lists need 3 levels:
preset folder(s),
song folder,
Setlist folders (can be multiple).

Ok, now we have our presets and create songs. Each song is given a name and linked to a preset. Several songs can also use the same preset. Possibly some parameters could also be saved in the song and then transferred to the preset, e.g. which scene should be active at the start, which mode or something.

When creating a setlist, we simply drag and drop the songs into the list. These are just links to the songs and take up very little disk space. You could theoretically create as many setlists as you want. Since set lists actually only need the (midi) commands up and down (next / previous), there is no need for a division into banks, as with the song list, and there are also no limits.

If you delete a setlist, only the links to the Songs are deleted, songs and presets remain intact.

Not really that complicated, right?

I would wish that the set list topics would get more votes and that the admins would combine these topics into one topic.


Yes please. I’ve been trying to figure out the QC idea behind set lists but right now it seems like they’re project folders rather than actual gig set lists. Organizing them by song and being able to create a new “set list” with a song order is what is really needed. Like you said, multiple songs could share the same presets, but have different scenes in a different order. If it’s really necessary to make a new preset to get a different group of scenes that would be ok, but i hope some work will be done on paging within presets for access to more scenes in scene mode, or more stomps in stomp mode, or more flexibility in general in hybrid. That’s another topic.

I am most familiar with making set lists in the editor for the RJM PBC mastermind, and it’s really easy and flexible. I can’t understand why the QC doesn’t take this approach to set lists. In the RJM, you have all your presets saved as their own thing, basically organized by song. Within the song presets, you have essentially scenes as used by the QC. To make a set list for a gig you create a new set list, then just drag and drop your songs into the list. It’s easy to click and drag to re order. Then you can name the set list, EG I’ll usually name the set list for the date and city of the gig. Then in the future it’s easy to look back and see what songs you played last time you visited that city, or decide you liked an old set list and pull that up, edit a few things, and rename it. The lists don’t seem to take up much space at all.

The way the current “set list” architecture is set up seems useful as a way to keep track of a project–say you’re working on one album and keep all those presets in that folder, or have multiple bands and group presets by band in different “setlists.” I still think that’s handy, but they need be no more than lists pointing to presets that are stored in one master folder location.

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There are several very similar feature requests regarding set lists here. If you would like it, please vote here:

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