Reordering presets

I’m having fun with the new update, but I did think they were going to make it easier to reorder presets in a setlist. I usually do a preset per song which isn’t uncommon, and my band will reorder songs quite often with 40+ song setlists. I now touch and move the song to anther location and it says “this will overide the selected item”. It used to give a swap option, which was still time consumming, but atleast I could move things around. I thought this was coming in this update, but maybe I was confusing it with “sort”. Is this something that is coming down the pipeline? It seems like something easy to implement. Helix has a reorder presets parameter that works great. I have a compromise currently in place, but I’d sure like to be able to do this at some point. Is this a requested feature and if not, where do I request it?

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Agree 100%. Reordering a setlist with a touchscreen could be a much easier drag & drop affair. Desktop editor could make it a snap as well. Reordering setlists through the cut/paste menu without “swap” or “move/insert” capability on CorOS 2.0 is a PITA. Simply trying to insert a song in the setlist can require moving every preset, one preset at a time, down one “space” in each bank belonging to the setlist.

If anyone knows a better way to move presets around in a setlist, please post it up.

Ultimately, as has been requested already, a flexible setlist editor that existed as a meta-layer where a setlist contains no presets but instead, pointers to the presets, would be a crazy great addition to the QC. Not only can this approach massively improve setlist management, but it also cuts way down on the number of duplicate presets users end up copying to multiple setlists.


I went ahead and added the feature request tag to this post for you. If you have votes available, you can vote on this post.


“Insert” would be great, if it would just push everything up a slot. Voted