Real Setlist Mode

The set lists are, as they are now, not real set lists, but rather just further preset folders. As I have seen so far, these set lists cannot even be sorted and are therefore relatively unusable as such. Quick sort is a must have.

The basis of the real set lists should be a complete song list with all the songs you play. These songs are created beforehand and each assigned to a preset, a switch mode (scene / stomp) and Gig View on/off. When creating a set list, the desired songs are dragged and dropped into the set list. The set list must be sortable using drag and drop, banks are not required here.

In order to be able to implement this correctly, a setlist mode is required in addition to the preset, scene and stomp modes. With the up-down buttons you can simply switch through the songs.

I have created another feature request topic on this, so feel free to merge

I had read your feature request and decided to create a new topic because I basically mean something different. Your suggestion would help, but it’s still not a real setlist. What we first need is a database with all the songs that we can play in, as I wrote above, each with the assignment to a preset, the desired switch mode and gig view on or off. On this basis, you can completely simply create set lists in a few minutes because the songs have already been named and assigned.

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