Need More Setlists / Project spaces

Myself and probably many others, work on multiple projects, are in multiple bands and/or have several versions of setlists depending on the venue. There aren’t enough setlists to have one for each scenario. I believe the limit is 10. Also asking for the ability to manually sort the setlist order. Here’s some examples of why more setlists are needed:

  • Play in multiple bands, need a setlist for each
  • Have multiple recording projects/sessions on the go at once
  • Need setlists for different occasions (weddings, bars, live events)
  • Setlist for different artists from cloud downloads (i.e. group Plini in one setlist, Rabea in another, etc)

I hope people will vote for this as it’s quite limiting for me right now and I think everyone could benefit from this especially since sorting on different criteria doesn’t carry over to the preset up/down footswitches.

It would be nice to move away from the thought of “a setlist MUST contain 32 banks of 8” to a setlist is just a folder, an organizer - it might be for ONE preset, or 100, but it doesn’t need to be “fixed” meaning I think the spirit of this request as not being for more “presets” - we don’t need to add 4 more setlists (and 1024 presets), the idea of setlists and presets need to instead be distinct and setlists evolve to become generic “containers” of presets, and there is some other number of total presets (totally unrelated to setlist count) you can store on the device - which can still be stored in “banks of 8”.

Then if we have, say, 256 setlists of arbitrary size, and thousands of, freely assignable, presets, you’d be free to mix and match as required and organize things in a far more flexible fashion.


Hear, hear! Essentially just paraphrasing you @RexRemus, but a setlist should be nothing more than a list of pointers to the physical location (bank/number) of your presets. Not the presets themselves. Multiple setlists can point to the same presets that way without copying identical presets to multiple locations (a recipe for ending up with multiple presets with identical names that are no longer identical in settings due to editing).

A setlist should be a “meta”-list - with a simple interface for rearranging, swapping, inserting, or removing preset pointers. As well as obviously the ability to create, delete, and rename setlists.

All new modelers should be released with this concept of setlist organization. Or make it a priority to build in shortly after. A huge value add! Incredibly helpful for live performance usage.

Shuffling the actual storage locations of presets to form setlists is akin to terraforming every time you make a modification to a map. Way too much unnecessary heavy lifting. Why move the mountain when all you have to do is change the drawing?


I like this. I wonder if NDSP’s firmware supports relational database operations?

The setlist, as said, must be a group of Links to existing presets and not a container of rigs…
This to reinforce the concept to developers.


This was how I thought it worked at first. I didn’t realize that “setlists” are really just additional re-nameable folders for more “My Presets”, which isn’t super helpful really. I agree the setlists should be just that: lists, not folders for new presets. Symlinks.

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I honestly never understood why NDSP (and the most of the competitors) chose the absolutely outdated “preset in banks” system when designing the user interface of the QC. That something like that might have been a good idea at the beginning of the 90s and was technically not better solvable like on my old Digitech GSP 21… ok. But today in the end the QC is nothing else than a computer. Why can’t you sort your presets in folders, subfolders and with symbolic links like on every computer since Windows 95 or even earlier. That just doesn’t make sense to me.


Fully agreed. I was asking myself the same question why I need “banks” of presets instead of having a folder structure.
Maybe the companies think we want it because we are used to it from old keyboards or expanders?

What I would like to have is a list of all my presets with a possibility to group them in named folders.
And then setlists which just have links to the presets.

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Mods you might want to Merge with

That’s from 2021. Kinda dated now.

Looks like it’s the same request exactly. Not dated, since the issue remains.

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Plini does not have any presets shared anymore. Don’t know if his sold his QC or what?

You sure you posted this in the right place?

The OP mentioned Plini’s presets… if someone would make a setlist of his presets.

There is none in the cloud from Plini.

There were six I downloaded but this thread isn’t about artists presets.

Totally Agree! You’ve said it all quite well, thanks

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100% Setlists should just be links to presets, not the presets themselves. What is currently called “Setlists”, could be renamed “Projects” or something. That way, you can still group your presets into your various different band projects, etc., but have a further level of organization to have specific gig-to-gig setlists (but could link to any presets obv, not just within that ‘project’). Like others here, my project needs are quite varied (modern jazz to singer songwriter to Radiohead tribute band to experimental improv, etc). Especially for the tribute thing it would be great to have a setlist of only the songs I’m playing that night, in order, rather than every preset in that project’s setlist folder.

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Absolutely! As they say, “the map is not the territory”. Setlists are the map and there is no way to draw them on the QC.

This is such rudimentary stuff. Modelers should no longer be released without providing at least simple setlist functionality. Perhaps it is a calculated decision regarding how to allocate/prioritize development or storage resources. Maybe the majority of their user base are either bedroom or studio players, or only use a couple of go-to presets. Why else would you not address the problem with arranging presets simply and easily for performance? Without setlist management you have made your device a PITA from jump for your customers who use it for live performance.

I would add one personal observation as well. One of the great virtues of using a digital modeler is the ability to save presets perfectly customized for different tunes, be they originals or covers. I have spent years of going through the painful process of juggling presets before every gig into a setlist by having to move and swap their actual locations on the device. I have noticed that of late, I have gotten so sick of it that I am often just defaulting to a couple of kitchen sink presets instead. Now there is nothing wrong with that approach, but it is a shame to be using it only because setlist management is non-existent.

110% agreed. Voted

I suspect relational database concepts aren’t well understood by developers in the modelling community.

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