Limit the number of presets the footswitches can cycle through in a Setlist

As far as I know there is no way to limit the number of presets in a setlist the Up/Down footswitches can access - for example, if I have a setlist with only 8 songs, it would be nice if after cycling up through the presets, using the UP footswitch, once I get to 1H, it would cycle back to 1A again. However it seems to carry on going through the next Bank and Presets (so it goes from 1H to 2A, 2B etc all the way to 32H) even though those presets are empty.

I’d like to request being able to limit the number of presets that the footswitches can cycle through PER SETLIST please

simple and useful…voted!

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This would definitely be fixed by some of the other, similar requests, related to set lists. My favorite of those suggestions is to make separate “preset” folders where you actually have the presets, and then the setlists are just simlinks to those presets. So if you change a preset in the folder it’ll change for all set lists.
Having only the songs of the setlist available for scrolling would be a good roll-in feature for this.


This is definitely related to what we are asking for in terms of set lists. The QC should have a way to handle set lists as a completely different thing than presets. Presets are a view of the memory of the QC, and enables us to work on our sounds, which is great. Now, we need a way to design set lists that are useful for live use, using “links” to our presets, etc…and this should be independent from how the memory of the QC is structured.