Set tempo via midi (not tap!)

Currently, you can indeed already set the QCs tempo via midi message CC#44:
Screenshot 2023-08-26 at 11.40.13

However, message CC#44 is a tap message, meaning that a midi controller needs to send that message multiple times in the desired time interval in order to set the tempo. Which is common practice and mimics the function of the tap tempo foot switch. The given value is irrelevant and will be ignored.

However, I’d love to be able to set the tempo with just one single midi message in cases where I know the tempo of a song.

So for example:

CC #23 Value 0-255

Would set the QCs tempo to the given value in bpm (0-255).

I’m well aware that I could set different tempos for different scenes. But in my personal use case, I’d have to permute all the scenes I already have (clean, crunch, lead, ambient, rhythm, …) with all the desired/known tempos (I’m constantly circling between 108, 114, 117 and 120, for example).

I don’t know the possible technical limitation but this should be the way to do it. For me, it makes no sense to send two MIDI messages for only one action. Please guys! Vote this!