MIDI Tap Tempo - Solution Example with Songbook App

I use the Songbook app from Linkesoft for my chords/lyrics and have been using it to send presets/gig views from my iPhone/iPad to the QC. I struggled to figure out how to get it to send a tempo for certain songs where I needed a dotted-8th delay synced to the tempo (Somewhere With You by Kenny Chesney, for example). Working with Linkesoft’s AMAZING support, was able to get this figured out.

Basically what the QC accepts over MIDI code CC44 is a ‘tap’ - NOT the tempo/BPM itself. So you can’t tell it “Set the tempo at 112 bpm” unfortunately. What you can do, at least with Songbook, is have the metronome in the app send that MIDI code (CC44.1) every time the metronome ticks. This is only available on the Apple/iOS version of the Songbook app at this time, but they will soon be bringing it to the PC/Mac/Android apps. To enable it, go into the Metronome on the Songbook app, open the settings, and you’ll see a MIDI option along with Flash, Tick, etc. Set your MIDI code (CC44.1 for the QC), and you’re all set!

Would imagine that there may be a similar method to enabling this for other apps that are capable of sending MIDI out. Hope that helps someone :slight_smile: