Serious problems (static, noise) at 96k

Works fine at 44 but I’ve been recording at 96 for years so if I want to go back and overdub guitar on those tracks I’m out of luck. I have a 2015 Macbook Pro i7 w/ 16gb Ram and I’m using Logic.
Oh and it does this even with a very high buffer setting. Please tell me it’s a simple fix.

Are you using the reverb? That’s where I was having trouble - no issues when it’s off. They are currently working on a fix.

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I’ll have to go check. That sucks though because I love that reverb .

Same - I just mute the speakers or remove my headphones before engaging it and made a preset that doesn’t have it activated when opening it. It’ll get fixed, but until then it’s a minor annoyance.

It is only when the reverb is on. Thanks for that heads up Darin. So i guess the more important question is why isn’t this fixed yet? There hasn’t been an update in 8 months. That’s kind of ridiculous. I’m feeling a bit ripped off seeing that they don’t mention this issue before you purchase it.

Hello, @paul.donovan. As said above, our development team is already notified about this issue. there should be updates for old plugins sometime after NAMM. My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

I’m having this same issue with static. I recorded a track tonight with the Plini plugin in Logic, set with a custom high-gain setting, and I got a lot of static on the track.

I finally got the hiss and feedback controlled (there was a ton of it so I’ve had to dial in a considerable amount of the noise gate). I noticed that dialing back the input and slightly bumping up the output helps compensated with the noise gate set around -30 or -20.

Any tips for capturing great high gain tone would be more than helpful. Thanks!

Hi @rcuthriell. The issue with the static noise at 96kHz was solved with the latest update, maybe you’re experiencing noise issues unrelated to this specific bug. In that case, take a look at our debugging guide for Humming and Ground Noise.

You can also send us some audio files (clean and processed) to so we can check if there’s something wrong.