New User (Plini and UA Arrow)

Hey guys, was hoping to ask some newb questions. My apologies if this is the wrong sub.

I recently decided to put together a plugin/monitor setup solely to replace having an amp. I ended up buying two HS8s, UA Arrow, and went with the Plini for my first plugin!

I have it all wired up and am getting guitar tone but occasionally it seems like the monitors are just picking up the guitar tone without the plugin firing. Sometimes I get the plugin working but the sound sounds like the clean tone and Plini plugin are “fighting each other for space”

Any insight is welcome. I’m excited to learn all there is to know, but any start up tips would be helpful.

I am not running a daw and don’t plan to record anytime soon

Hello @ryan.maier4. Which operating system are you using?

Also, take a look at this guide for common issues.

Dell xps 9300
16g ram

I’ll take a look at that thank you

Could it be because i’m using XLR to trs instead of TRS TRS?

The plugin works for like 3 seconds then goes off.

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Try plugging your guitar using a normal guitar cable into he guitar input on the front of the unit. The combo TRS/XLR jacks on the back are not designed for instrument level inputs.

I’m using a normal guitar for the hi z input. On the back, i’m using a TRS on the arrow to XLR in the hs8

@ryan.maier4 Please contact describing your system as detailed as possible.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hey There, You are probably fighting two issues. Clearly Pilini is having some crashing problems but I think PART of your issue has a very simple fix.

Mute your guitar channel in the UA Console amp. It will still send signal from the input and any unison plugin you have in that top channel input slot to the Plini app. But you will no longer get your "dry’ guitar sounds sent straight to your HS8’s through console!

I’m also using UAD Arrow and had similar issues with standalone version (nameless and granophyre) going off after 2-3 sec. I had to change buffer size in Arrow settings to 256 it fixed problem with no sound but I still have some issues. My guess UAD Arrow windows drivers are not so good. On Macbook Pro everything goes flawlessly.

Well, i ended up returning the Dell XPS 9300 and am going to get the May release of the 13” macbook pro.

What a hassle. I think windows just isn’t quite there with the compatibility yet.

I’ll update you guys when i have the new rig set up in May!