Plini Reverb Noise

In this post, there’s mention of a noise issue with the reverb. I have found the same. Is there any plan to fix this as is hinted at in that comment?

This is a screenshot of two tracks with similar preset, while stopped:

When I move away from Reaper (e.g. typing into this box) and switch back, the noise is down to 0 again.

Using a spectrum analyser of sorts, it would appear that the noise happens above 5k which is right at the top end of what I can hear apparently, but it’s enough to cause the meters to clip when pushing the vol sliders up.

Hey @jake. The noise issue mentioned in that post should be solved with the current version (2.0.1). Can you send some audio examples to Thanks!

Hi Gonzalo. How do I check the version of the plugin?


Click over “Developed by Neural DSP”.

Thanks Gonzalo.
I realised I’m still on 2.0.0. I’ll upgrade over the next few days and test it again (also the problematic MIDI in DAW (Logic and Reaper) implementation).

Great. Upgraded to 2.0.1 and it’s not doing that anymore. Thanks

@jake Glad to hear that!

I’m afraid it appears there’s still a problem with reverb noise, even in 2.0.1! I’ve not used it much over the last 3 weeks, so only just noticed it. Please see a screen recording I made to illustrate (unlisted youtube vid). There’s no sound, but the visuals shows what I’m trying to say.

Hi @jake. Can you check if it happens with the other formats? What sample rate are you using? If you’re able to render that noise, send us an audio example to