Screen protector

Just received my Cortex which is great! But it doesn’t come with a screen protector. Like with mobile phones or any apparatus with a LCD screen I would like it to be protected for scratches which otherwise will occur for sure.

Which tempered glass screenprotector can be found for the Cortex?

Chad Boston of will be selling screen protectors and skins for the QC very soon.

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Skeen sells screen protectors for about 7 or 8 bucks, however their site kind of scares me, it’s like they are hungry for my personal info in a way. Anyway I don’t have a QC, when I had the chance to get one I just overlooked the unit and now I realize that I made a big mistake. I’ll try to get one before the year ends though.

Skeen are real nice. I have one waiting. The Goofy flip up thing by Chad Boston looks like a joke to me. It might be good in a bar possibly but I personally think it’s dumb.

You could also get a tablet protector. Look for approximate size. I have trimmed a few for other devices. A good straight edge and the come out nice.

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